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Keyon Dooling

13-year NBA player, NBA Life Coach, Author, “What Drives You???”

“The Canfields are a unique combination. not only can they relate to you on a one-one-one, personal level, they are also able to deliver the substance of who you are on the page. and even while they reflect the essence of you, they still stay true to themselves.

I am grateful for their friendship, I value our relationship and I admire the way they captured my story with their writing talent.”

Chelsea Berler

CEO Solamar Agency, Author, “The Curious One”

“Lisa is one of the most incredible human beings i know. not only because her personality jibes so great with mine, but because she does the most amazing writing work I've ever encountered. She can get your 'voice' like you've never experienced before. She can write what you want to be said. and above all, she makes it easy for you to get sh*t created and done! she is the best.”

Ed DeCosta

Executive Coach, Speaker and Author

"Joel is a rare breed. He's an uber creative, talented writer with an incredible wit and a way with words. Moreover, he understands business as well as human nature. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Joel on two projects and will gladly do so again. He talks a great game, then walks an even better one."

Rémy Chaussé, Author, “Living Life as an Exclamation Point”

“it isn't often that i rate a provider with 5 stars, but if i could, i would add in some bonus stars! this has been incredible, and far exceeded my expectations. I would use them again in a new york minute!

Kevin Bolibruck

Former Professional Hockey Player

“Luckily, I found the right person to help me tell my story and tell it in my voice – and that person was Lisa Canfield. From start to finish, she found a creative and effective way to help me organize the book as well as tell it in my voice. It doesn’t sound like her book – it sounds like my book and that was the most important thing to me. Throughout the process, she tapped into what i wanted to say and gave me the way to say it.”

Rachael Seymour

Cornerstone People Solutions, Australia

“This has been an amazing experience. I never knew my thoughts could read so well on paper. I highly recommend their services! their sense of humour and professionalism is second to none!”

Richard Seppala

“The ROI Guy,”

"Joel and Lisa always deliver the goods (and then some) when it comes to my ghostwriting needs. they know how to tell a story and sell a product in a compelling, pro-active way. I'd write more, but if i could, i wouldn't need them!"

Dr. Veronica Anderson, Author, “The Billion Dollar Doctor”

"Joel is a top quality writer and he is able to get what is in my head down onto the paper quickly and easily. He is masterful at catching your "voice" and listened so intently that he artfully included comments and examples from side conversations that enhanced my work. Joel also turns around the work quickly and accurately.”

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