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We're Joel and Lisa Canfield.

















And for over 20 years, we’ve both been helping people share their stories with the world.


As ghostwriters, we’ve written best-selling books for business leaders and legends, pro athletes, doctors, gangsters (!) and regular, everyday people with a unique and interesting tale to tell.

As scriptwriters, we’ve created award-winning scripts for the small and big screens; we’ve had five TV movies produced, created our own documentary and helped other people structure and script their own documentaries and videos.

As marketing pros, we’ve produced promos and presentations for tv shows and major Hollywood studios, including Paramount, Warner Bros., Fox and Disney.

We dig deep to find what makes your story exciting, different and compelling. and we bring it to life -- whether we do all the work ourselves, or coach you through the actual writing. in both cases, we’ve created a process that’s as easy and painless as possible.


Let us tell your story. and we’ll make sure it gets told the way you want it told.

Let Us Tell Your Story.

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