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About Us



We’re Joel and Lisa Canfield - and we’ve been married as long as The Simpsons has been on the air.


We began our professional lives together running a creative agency in Southern California, where we produced radio and television promos for TV shows including 24, American Idol, Friends and…well, The Simpsons! ...along with a lot of shows you’ve probably never heard of. Married by America, anyone?


From there, we moved to New Zealand, where we produced TV shows, promos and corporate videos, all while starting a new youth baseball club so our kids would have a place to play.


Now, we're back in the Los Angeles area, ghostwriting books and writing screenplays (we've had five TV movies produced).  

In our spare time, we walk our dog Betsy and play lots of Nintendo. Joel also keeps busy with his second job as U.S. Ambassador to Latvia. 

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